What is Architecture VR?

Virtual reality has begun to radically transform architecture, giving rise to “virtual property inspections” that provide a clear view of a property before construction crews even break ground. Contrary to what people see on their favorite real estate reality shows, which showcase a seamless process of building out and decorating a gorgeous home in the span of 30 minutes (including commercials), turning a real estate dream into reality is no easy feat. There is only so much visualization a traditional 2D drawing and 3D model can provide. Fortunately, when you strap on a VR headset, the medium’s unique ability to help the viewer experience an environment accurately is the ideal tool to architects and homeowners seeking an all-encompassing visualization model.

How can VR help you?

With the Power of VR, we can take your plans and transport you into your project before its even built. You can make decisions and changes quickly and cost effectively before the construction costs start adding up.  You can do everything from walking around to look at each detail to changing wall colors, furniture locations or light fixtures.  We have made it our goal to lower the cost so everyone has the opportunity to get the dream project they envision. 

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