What is a Septic Permit?

An on-site sewage (septic) system permit is required for the installation, alteration or repair of any part of a septic system. If a building is served by a septic system and construction, alterations or a change of use of the building is proposed, then a septic system permit may also be required. Whether you are constructing new or adding bedrooms, plumbing fixtures, floor area or changing a use of a building, you will be required to build a new septic system, add on to the existing septic system or confirm that the existing septic system is sized appropriately.  A Septic Designer must be deemed competent by the Ontario Building Code and hold valid BCIN qualifications.  

Our Approach to Design

At Valiant we understand that septic systems are both complicated and the last thing you want to spend money on. That is why we take the time to ensure we have the most cost-efficient design not only for installation but maintenance for the future. We cover all the bases so you don't have too, from collecting soil samples to sending the design out for quotes. 

Our Approach to Investigations

It is stressful to have a failing system and the urgency to find the problem and get it repaired. At Valiant we have personnel that has installed and repaired countless septic systems and are able to quickly and efficiently. locate the problem and find a solution so you can utilize your system again. 

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